Romando's Gladitorial Imports, Armor Sales

[Romando's Gladitorial Imports, Armor Sales]
More paintings cover the walls here. Unlike the front room, the theme of the artistry displayed in this side room focuses on athletes successfully fending off the attacks of others, through proper use of armor and shields. Romando's daughter, Vaticia, tends to the needs of patrons here.

1   a round parma                                    Price 65 
2   a square parma                                   Price 65
3   a large oblong scutum                            Price 115
4   a galea                                          Price 45  
5   an imperial Gallic helm                          Price 100  
6   some faciae                                      Price 35  
7   some manicae                                     Price 30 
8   a leather cuirass                                Price 70


Some items may be customized with a color.
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