Sacks Dysiliou Boulevard

[Sacks Dysiliou Boulevard]
Rows and rows of racks all filled with various sacks and backpacks and sheathes make neat aisles in this sparsely decorated store. The north wall has a simple seascape mural done in three muted colors with heavily stylized shapes coming together to form the total picture. The other walls are bare save for the merchandise hanging from wooden pegs near the ceiling. A glass counter with a till box stands before the muralled wall with a haughty looking clerk standing behind it ready to close a sale.

1   an extravagant opal-clasped satchel               Price 250       
2   an amethyst dusted brocade sack                   Price 850       
3   a silk-edged black satin sack                     Price 875       
4   a luxurious velvet lined knapsack                 Price 950       
5   a shimmering crushed velvet purse                 Price 950       
6   a rare ermine-lined backpack                      Price 1200      
7   a vibrant emerald satin backpack                  Price 1250      
8   a ruby-clasped white silk backpack                Price 1500      
9   an exquisite pearl-lined purse                    Price 2300      
10  a dazzling dreamstone dust satchel                Price 2750      

11  a pearlescent gossamer backpack                   Price 1100      
12  a delicate spidersilk purse                       Price 2300      
13  a dainty diamond jeweled pouch                    Price 4800
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