Salty's Sister's Clothing Shoppe

[Salty's Sister's Clothing Shoppe]
Clothes are neatly displayed on two large tables and in shelves along the back wall. Luxuriant swatches of cotton, wool, and linens — as well as more expensive materials — are spread upon a wide, marble shelf. The shopkeeper is quite striking, as well as warm and friendly.

1   a shirt                                          Price 4         
2   a long skirt                                     Price 7         
3   some pants                                       Price 5         
4   some leather pants                               Price 10        
5   a simple dress                                   Price 4         
6   a chiton                                         Price 9         
7   a chlamys                                        Price 11        
8   a hooded cloak                                   Price 15   


All items may be customized with a color, material or both.
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