Seiren's Call Alehouse

[Seiren's Call Alehouse]
Unchanged from before, this tavern is just how the warlord's men like it — seedy-looking and rather dirty. Large barrels serve as tables — fat tallow candles alit on each of them. Unfortunately — or fortunately, as the case may be — the candles do a poor job of lighting the place. The chairs look homemade, but are sturdily built nonetheless. The corners are lost in the flickering shadows and add to the quiet, somewhat sinister mood that permeates the room. You also see the tavern keeper, Skulker and a menu.

     Welcome to Seiren's Call Alehouse!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         4    a mug of dark ale
      2         5    a pint of Dagger Stout
      3         5    a shot of home-made ouzo
      4         7    a glass of Seduction Special
      5         6    a pounder of dark Bloodox porter
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