September 2001

September 29 - Congratulations to all who won the Mentor Fishing Tourney the other day. Everyone did an excellent job! Autolycus decided to also get involved in the fishing frenzy, and spent his time helping those who didn't know how to fish to learn. Pirate Lord Camius also showed up at the end of the contest with a large marlin, which, had he entered, would of won for sure. All the contestants were very glad he didn't enter.

A security specialist has also been making an appearance around town lately. No one knows who he works for, but he is apparently checking security for a production of The Pink Puma. The sign is in front of the Palace in central quadrant.

September 11 - Note from Scheherazade… A lack of news from this point on can be expected after the horrible happenings on this day that put pretty much everyone in a state of wonder and shock. A small memorial was set up at the gate with armbands in patriotic colors as well as black armbands for the mourning with a simple inscription, "In memory of…" Nothing more to say that hasn't been said, this day will linger in our hearts.

September 1 - A bunch of us were sitting in the bar when a man named Procrustes came in. After chatting with him for a while, we learned that he was a merchant and that he knew Dissonos. He told us that Dissonos is known for being a leader in the business world, and The people of Syracuse respect him. Procrustes also told us that 'respect by fear is not respect at all." So, it appears he honestly means that Dissonos is *Liked* in Syracuse. Procrustes also mentioned that the people he worked for were considering opening shop in Athens, and wanted to see what Dissonos was up to. Procrustes is obviously a shrewd businessman, and it is hard to tell if he's to be trusted or not.

The bearded man has made several appearances with his mermels and assassins. He basically wants to take over Athens so it can become a mermel breeding ground. Tunamoneus arrived shortly after the bearded man, and he was attacked by an Athenian. (Yes, Again.) Tunamoneus then left, convinced that we were on the bearded man's side. (Most of us aren't.)

The Pirate Lord Camius also showed up last night at the gate to fetch Heemor for Poseidon. After many Athenians followed them to the Baths of Poseidon, Heemor disappeared and Camius left. Camius then spoke from the shadows a few minutes later and came out. Pickoer attacked him, and Camius killed Pickoer. Camius informed us that he is still looking for the Pearl of Aphrodite, and anyone who will get it to him will be handsomely rewarded. The Pearl of Aphrodite is in the possession of a diver named Milani.

Poseidon apparently also made an appearance at the Peiraic Gate later that night.

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