The sewing shop is located in Eleusis, and as of the moment, does not require any specific skill to use. It also does not grant experience, but you can sell what you make or enjoy the efforts of your labor. Sewing requires you to buy the color fabric you want, buy chalk, thread, and a sewing needle. You also require a knife, which can be bought at the shop or be the handy one you carry around with you always. If you opt for the later, do make sure all the blood and guts are off it before you cut the fabric! You must also buy the pattern that you wish to make. Once you have all of the above, you can begin.

Make sure you have threaded your needle, If you are having trouble, try checking USAGE.

Try to:

USAGE your FABRIC to see the different sewing verbs. As long as you remember how to USAGE and LOOK at the fabric, you can't really go wrong.

Try to:
PUT PATTERN ON FABRIC - to pin the pattern on the fabric.
LOOK FABRIC - to see if there is a pattern pinned or traced on the fabric.
PULL FABRIC - to unpin a pattern from the fabric.
TRACE FABRIC - to trace a pattern on the fabric with chalk.
RUB FABRIC - to rub the chalk markings off the fabric.
CUT FABRIC - to cut out your pattern pieces with a knife.

The rest is up to you. Enjoy knowing that you CAN sew a new shirt if some monster rips your last one.

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