Shadari's Sensational Footwear

[Shadari's Sensational Footwear]
A light, pleasant scent of mixed leather and dried reeds wafts through the air of this small shop. A thin waif of a girl with tremendously dark eyes perches alertly behind a polished wooden countertop. Neat rows of sandals line the walls, carefully positioned on the wooden rods of the shelves.

1   a pair of sandals                                 Price 3         
2   a pair of woven linen sandals                     Price 6         
3   some camel hide boots                             Price 15        
4   some cuffed ankle boots                           Price 9         
5   some leather ankle-strap shoes                    Price 12        
6   a pair of leather-laced boots                     Price 10      

7   a pair of crocodile skin shoes                    Price 25

A couple items may be customized with a color.
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