The Dragon's Treasure

"Shahla is aware of Drakontas's soul perhaps more than anyone else."
—Vasileios on Shahla

Called the Dragon's Treasure, Shahla is a slave girl in her late teens, though her exact age has never been given. How she came to be with Drakontas is also unknown, but she originally hailed from Persia, and as a result, only speaks Aramaic. She's generally regarded as a nice, fairly innocent girl, and is usually seen in the company of Vasileios who appears to be her guard when she's not with Drakontas. Her other guard is a young gryphon who she's named Siamak, and though he is usually an amiable pet, he is vicious if he feels his mistress is being threatened. Drakontas seems to take good care for her, but how deep his affection goes is unclear.

Did You Know?

  • Shahla means "A dark eyed woman" or "Beautiful eyes". Her gryphon's name, Siamak, means "Bringer of Joy", and Shahla has stated that Drakontas is the one who gifted the gryphon to her. A prophecy before Shahla's arrival called her a "flower from the desert" and claimed that this flower would have quite a bit of protection - "A dragon, a prince and an assassin's blade" as well as a beast. The dragon (Drakontas), the prince (Vasileios), and the beast (Siamak), are all known, but the assassin has yet to be discovered.
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