Shop of Ismena the Alchemist

[Shop of Ismena the Alchemist]
The interior walls are darkened by the same oily smoke which marks the eaves of Ismena's shop. Row upon row of clay-sealed pots, their contents marked in several languages upon the seals, line the walls like soldiers at attention. Several dull lamps cast a greyish-yellow glow from coiling iron brackets affixed to the walls. You also see Ismena the alchemist.

1. a golden scroll     (10 dinars) Greater healing elixir.
2. a yellow scroll     (5 dinars)  Eyebright and sunflower poultice.
3. a sea-green scroll  (12 dinars) Draught of sun-infused water.
4. a dark scroll       (66 dinars) Elixir of Hades.
5. a black scroll      (26 dinars) Elixir of Hermes.
6. a cerulean scroll   (29 dinars) Elixir of Nike.
7. a moss green scroll (32 dinars) Elixir of Athena.
8. a crimson scroll    (53 dinars) Elixir of Ares.
9. a brown scroll      (30 dinars) Carrot-chickory poultice.
1. a charcoal grey scroll (13 dinars)   Bottled smoke of Obfuscates.
2. a dusty scroll         (20 dinars)   Dust of Narcoleptis.
3. a red scroll           (4 dinars)    Mistletoe powder of Ch'in.
4. a light brown scroll   (25 dinars)   Elm powder of Ch'in.
5. an aged scroll         (45 dinars)   Oak powder of Ch'in.
6. a mottled scroll       (85 dinars)   Witchwood powder of Ch'in.
7. a silvery scroll                (3 dinars)  Serum of sight.
8. a blood-streaked scroll         (72 dinars) Ancestor Spirits Brew.
9. a streaked magenta-edged scroll (78 dinars) Warlord Spirits Brew.
1. a streaked silver-edged scroll  (84 dinars) Air Spirits Brew

20 a bile-kin silver flail     (201 dinars) 
21 an iron sky-kin longsword     (675 dinars) 
22 a barrel of water Price      (39 dinars)
23 a large barrel of honey     (249 dinars)
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