Sidney's Grill

[Sidney's Grill, Bar]
Cozy tables fill the room, inviting one to stop and have a chat or a drink while waiting for a table. A large brass bar lines the north wall and small stools are made available to sit upon. Tiny brass torches line the room and a blazing fireplace warmly lights this room. A large blackboard with golden writing sits behind the bar. You also see Sidurd.

     Welcome to Sidney's Grill!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         3    a goblet of carrot juice
      2         3    a tall glass of milk
      3         5    a pilsner of chilled ale
      4         6    a goblet of rich red wine
      5         6    a pilsner of Estate Ale
      6         4    a mug of mocha coffee
      7         7    a flute of orange mimosa
      8         7    a fluted glass of champagne
      9         3    a bowl of asparagus soup
     10         6    a bowl of oil and garlic pasta
     11         4    a bowl of seafood soup
     12         7    a plate of rosemary chicken
     13        10    a plate of roasted veal
     14        10    a short rack of ribs
     15        12    a mushroom and onion-topped steak
     16         9    a plate of fried mermel paws
     17         6    a plate of stewed asp tails
     18         3    a bowl of raspberries and cream
     19         4    a plate of cinnamon-topped custard
     20         5    a slice of chocolate cake
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