Sleets Stowaways

[Sleet's Stowaway]
Swirling within the confines of the small wagon, the heavy scent of incense is almost overpowering. Lush, dark blue velvet curtains are draped along the walls blocking out any outside light. Making up for the lack of natural light, an arrangement of wax candles flickers and winks, filling the inside of the wagon with creeping shadows.

A dark polished table

  • a brass-buckled leather rucksack
  • a dark-stitched green canvas rucksack
  • a blue and violet striped rucksack
  • a shiny black stiff leather case
  • a star-engraved silver case
  • a dark stained polished wood case
  • a fuzzy pink satchel
  • a lace-trimmed butter yellow satchel
  • a brass quartz-studded case
  • a black fringed red patterned satchel

A dark polished rack

  • a steel-riveted ironwood scabbard
  • a studded hide wrist sheath
  • a rippled suede ankle sheath
  • a leather iron-bound back sheath

A steel-banded barrel

  • a bright red swirl patterned pouch
  • a canvas feed pouch
  • an embroidered azure blue neck pouch
  • a soft leather neck pouch
  • a gold-stitched silk-lined neck pouch
  • an orange-hued lacy wrist pouch
  • a sun embossed leather wrist pouch
  • an off-white lacy thigh pouch
  • a moon embossed leather thigh pouch
  • a blue-stitched dark red thigh pouch
  • a silver-edged spidersilk pouch
  • a blue designed zig-zag wrist pouch
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