[Slemdalsveien, Vaterlands Bru]
A large altar and a pedestal upon which a missing statue once stood are all that's left of the temple you would now be standing in had it still been there. A small scattering of shells and broken coral litter the ground and what looks to have been the ear of the statue, or perhaps just an oddly shaped rock, sits on the altar. A small, weed-choked path winds past the altar where it disappears into a sea of fog crested by waves of earth reaching toward the grey and dismal sky.

Slemdalsveien is a small abandoned village northwest of Gamlebyen. The village is in ruins and is stalked by wild bears, but very little is known about what exactly happened to it. Several temples were on the site, a lot of them are still holy places for those wanting to get in touch with their Nordic blood.


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