Slots, or Tyche's Tumblers, are relatively simple to use. Right now the only machines available are in Delphi on the Agora at Nero's Palace Casino.

Each room usually has several machines, and only one may be used by any one person at a time. To begin gambling just sit tumbler to choose which machine you wish to play. While sitting at the tumbler, you can only look at that one tumbler. This way you will not be confused with the others in the room. So to see your reels, just look tumbler.

Each tumbler consists of three reels with 11 symbols that have 11 blanks between them. Upon spinning, each of the three reels randomly stops on a symbol (or blank) and the payoffs are calculated based on the symbols lined up on the payoff line. These reels are based on Vegas odds, so the huge jackpot is a rare, but wonderous, thing.

Each machine can have different symbols, but the general payouts are the same. To see the payouts for the machine you are sitting at, read tumbler (you will need to make sure you are reading the correct one). Here is an example of what you will see when you read the tumbler.

            -/- Pan's Gold Rush -/-

 Payouts for:            1 coin        2 coins

 Three Double Nymphs       2000     *     5000
 Three Water Nymphs         200     *      400
 Three Satyrs               100     *      200
 Three Mountain Goats        40     *       80
 Any Three Critters          20     *       40
 Three Panpipes              20     *       40
 Three Syrinxes              10     *       20
 Any Three Instruments        5     *       10
 Any Three Symbols            2     *        4
 Three Blanks wins back your bet.

As you can see, the payouts are based on one or two dinar bets. The more you bet, the higher the payoff, of course. Now this is what the tumblers will look like when you look at them:

    __________________  __________________  __________________ 
   | Triple  Panpipes ||                  ||   Double Nymph   |
    ------------------  ------------------  ------------------ 
   |                  ||     Panpipes     ||                  |
    ------------------  ------------------  ------------------ 
*--|  Mountain  Goat  ||                  ||      Syrinx      |--*   <-- Payoff Line
    ------------------  ------------------  ------------------ 
   |                  ||   Double Nymph   ||                  |
    ------------------  ------------------  ------------------ 
   |   Double Satyr   ||                  ||   Double  Goat   |
    ------------------  ------------------  ------------------

As you can see, this was not a winner based on the payout list above.

Now, to get started gambling, all you need to do once sitting is bet 1/2 to place your bet. Then you pull lever and pray! As easy as that. If you win, lights will start flashing and bells ringing and your dinars will come tumbling out. You automatically grab these, so no worrying about someone making off with your winnings.

It is possible for you to break the bank. Each tumbler can only hold a certain amount of dinars before being emptied by the casino staff. If you break the bank, a flag will pop up and you will need to wait for an assistant. They will check the machine, refill it with coins and then hand you your winnings. This can take several minutes, so be patient!

When you decide you are done or want to move to another machine, simply stand up. That's all there is to it. Good luck!

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