Smile of Dionysus Wine Shop

[Smile of Dionysus Wine Shop]
Vessels of various shapes and sizes fill the shelves which line the wall behind the polished wood counter, containing wines from all over Greece. The rotund Staphylus heartily greets all who enter his shop, encouraging them to stay a while to catch up on the latest gossip. A table and some chairs huddle within a small nook in the corner of the shop, where patrons may linger as they enjoy the shop and its fine wares. You also see a swinging door, a worn red curtain and the wine menu.

     Welcome to Smile of Dionysus Wine Shop!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         6    a cruse of strong Corinth wine
      2         8    a flagon of cheap amphias wine
      3        13    a carafe of white trebulan wine
      4        13    a decanter of red syrah wine
      5        15    a pitcher of Naxian nectar wine
      6        15    a ewer of smooth anthosmi wine
      7        18    an amphora of sweet prodromos wine
      8         2    a small bowl of olives
      9         2    a large slice of cheese
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