(Just interested in what skill each Sonic takes? Check out the Music or Orphic Arcana pages.)

Once one has trained either Music or Orphic Arcana, sonics become a combat option. Sonics can be useful in several ways. They can stun, make an opponent kneel, or flat out knock down an enemy. Also, a useful trick to know concerning them is that if a sonic blow is the first blow to land on an enemy it is very likely to cause the enemy to be stunned. An example of this would be if you are hunting Spartan Spearmen with several others; if your sonic is the first to land before anyone hits then the spearman will be stunned most of the time.

Sonic Help can get you started, and the help file in game reads :

One must be careful when using sonic abilities. You'll find yourself able to do more of a certain skill once you begin to get old enough to master it. Because of this, skills you just barely know how to do will lead to loss of voice more quickly.
Usage: SONIC <attack type> <target>

See SONIC INFO to check the health of your vocal chords and SONIC LIST to see what sonic skills you have acquired.

If you check your Sonic Info when your voice is not strained:
Your vocal chords are tuned up and ready to go!

Be careful about what attacks you use if you are lower level. You can lose your voice entirely for several minutes by trying to do too many sonics in a row which will make you unable to speak or attack with sonics. There is no cure for this right now except for waiting for your voice to return which takes about five minutes.

Music related sonics are termed as simply Sonic Damage. The below are not currently all of the attacks, though if one is able to perform the two higher ones and wishes to add them it would be much appreciated.


  • Yelp - Insignificant damage.
  • Shriek - Low damage.
  • Wail - Slight damage.
  • Howl - Good damage.
  • Scream - Moderate damage.
  • Yell - High damage.

Combat messaging for all of the sonics can change, but examples of the Music based Sonics in combat are below. Keep in mind that these are Arena numbers so the damage dealt is actually lower than it would be in normal combat:

Leanna throws her head back and unleashes a high-pitched yelp directly at Jostinian.
Jostinian lets out a surprised cry but doesn't miss a step.
…Jostinian takes 95 points of damage.
Leanna bares her teeth at Jostinian and lets loose with a hissing shriek.
Jostinian gasps with surprise at the sudden pain inflicted upon his ears.
…Jostinian takes 91 points of damage.
Leanna takes a deep breath and lets loose with a harrowing wail at Jostinian.
His eyes bulge out, whether due to pressure or fear is hard to say, and he shrieks in pain.
…Jostinian takes 104 points of damage.
Leanna's features distort wildly as her mouth opens wide to deliver a resounding howl to Jostinian!
Jostinian reels backward from the force of the vibrations striking him.
…Jostinian takes 102 points of damage.
An unearthly noise wells up around Leanna as she releases an ear-shattering scream focussed on Jostinian.
Jostinian almost matches Leanna's scream as his head swells under the pressure of the vocal assault.
…Jostinian takes 90 points of damage.
Building up some primitive force from ages long past, Leanna focuses her fury on Jostinian and lets loose with a piercing yell.
Jostinian hops back and forth screaming in pain and slapping fiercely at his ears.
…Jostinian takes 140 points of damage.

Orphic Arcana related sonics are referred to in game as "Elemental damage":


  • Spark - Low electrical damage.
  • Heatwave - Low fire damage.
  • Frost - Low cold damage.
  • Arc - Moderate electrical damage.
  • Flame - Moderate fire damage.
  • Flurry - Moderate cold damage.
  • Bolt - High electrical damage.

Leanna sends a wave of minor chords crashing into Jostinian, causing several flaring sparks to leap at him out of the surrounding air.
One of the tiny sparks catches Jostinian on the end of the nose, making him yelp in pain.
…Jostinian takes 104 points of damage.
Leanna throws her arms in the air and emits a low, humming drone. The hum grows deeper and louder as a warm blast of wind sweeps in behind her and rushes toward Jostinian.
Jostinian swelters under the tropical blast, wincing in pain as the heat causes his skin to sizzle and pop.
…Jostinian takes 86 points of damage.
Leanna lets loose with a tinkling cacophany of short notes that gather around Jostinian to create a sparkling cloud of chilling frost.
The sudden biting cold of the air around Jostinian causes him to scream out in pain.
…Jostinian takes 83 points of damage.
Leanna emits a tiny wail that travels toward Jostinian at an agonizingly slow pace. She times a perfect second note polar to the first that snaps an electric bolt in a dancing arc between her and Jostinian.
The arc whips wildly through the air, catching Jostinian across the back with a searing flash of white-hot energy.
…Jostinian takes 121 points of damage.
Leanna belts out an unnaturally low note that shakes the very ground beneath you. A tiny fissure breaks across the earth and etches its way toward Jostinian.
A stream of flame fills the fissure and flares right beneath Jostinian, setting him ablaze. He manages to put out the fire, but not before damage was done.
…Jostinian takes 112 points of damage.
Note: Sonic Flame causes a fissure in the ground that is visible in the room, and the message when it closes is: The ground buckles and rumbles in protest as the fissure seals itself up.

Leanna sings out with several short tones that whip around in the air before her, stirring the atmosphere to create a chilling cloud of snowflakes that shifts to gather around Jostinian.
The biting cold causes Jostinian to hunker down for warmth, shivering and whimpering in pain.
…Jostinian takes 83 points of damage.
Note: Sonic Flurry will occasionally cause the target to kneel, as the messaging above implies.

Leanna releases a complicated series of tones that charge the surrounding air into a blaze of static energy. The smell of ozone reaches your nose just as a sudden fork of electricity slices through the air toward Jostinian from out of nowhere.
The bolt connects with Jostinian's head and throws him to the ground as wave after wave of electricity slams into him.
…Jostinian takes 95 points of damage.

Note: Sonic Bolt will occasionally throw a target back to a prone position, like it did above.

For more information on skill needed for these sonics check out the respective Music and Orphic Arcana Pages.

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