[Spagkos, Dining Room]
Falafel's most successful business venture, made so by hiring OTHER chefs to do the cooking for him. The room is brightly lit with golden walls and columns of the same hue rising to a high ceiling. A painting along one wall depicts Apollo guiding his glittering chariot through a sunlit sky dotted with clouds and birds on the wing. Elegant tables topped with bright orange blossoms accent the decor with their bright petals and the sky blue carpets slashed with violet bring the whole thing together. You also see a waiter.

     Welcome to Spagkos!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1        27    some crispy apricot spring rolls
      2        25    a crispy sauteed spinach frittata
      3        40    a plate of iced Megas Bay oysters
      4        30    a dill and smoke salmon pizza
      5        26    a homemade goat's cheese calzone
      6        33    a parmesan and wild mushroom risotto
      7        28    a pan-fried lemon caper pickerel
      8        32    a clam broth smothered red snapper
      9        29    a lemon butter char grilled chicken breast
     10        40    a honey lacquered duck breast
     11        45    a pan-roasted sweet ginger lobster
     12        35    a cambozola stuffed veal chop
     13        36    a celery braised cote de boeuf
     14        33    a peppercorn brandy steak tenderloin
     15        15    a chilled anjou pear sorbet
     16        15    a chilled blackberry sorbet
     17        15    a chilled strawberry sorbet
     18        17    a gingerbread ice cream sandwich
     19        55    a glass of gold label champagne
     20        15    a glass of barrel-tapped retsina
     21        26    a XXVI Gaea Estate wine
     22        28    a glass of XIV Dalmaras Naoussa
     23        30    a dark amethystos cava
     24        28    a sparkling red Lesbos Vineyard methemnaos
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