Squid and Seahorse Restaurant

[The Squid and Seahorse Restaurant]
Small, round tables are haphazardly spread about — many presenting remnants of bygone meals or waxy drippings from past candles. A strange smell permeates the place, reminiscent of seafood fished or harvested in antiquity and only now brought out to see the light of day. A mangy, orange cat sits near a corner, gnawing on a fish-bone. You also see a waiter and an old menu.

     Welcome to Squid and Seahorse Restaurant!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         3    a squid salad
      2         4    a minced seahorse pie
      3         4    some fish kebab
      4         4    some raw oysters
      5         6    a pail of steamed clams
      6         6    some fried calamari
      7         7    a charred flounder fillet
      8         4    a mug of beer
      9        12    a bottle of red wine
     10        10    a jug of retsina
     11         8    a shot of ouzo
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