Stavros' Superior Supplies

[Stavros' Superior Supplies]
Wares of all sorts fill the cramped shop from floor to ceiling. A well-used, wooden counter stands close to the back wall. Much of the counter overflows with bundles of materials, boxes holding a large array of goods and, in the midst of all this, a shiny brass contraption to weigh groceries. Merchandise even hangs on the walls and from the ceiling beams, some looking cracked and dusty.

1   a belt pouch                                    Price 2
2   a pouch                                         Price 2
3   a small sack                                    Price 3
4   a large sack                                    Price 10
5   a satchel                                       Price 13
6   a knapsack                                      Price 10
7   a large backpack                                Price 14
8   a sheath                                        Price 8
9   a quiver                                        Price 9
10  a bow case                                      Price 12
11  a pair of sandals                               Price 3
12  some boots                                      Price 6
13  some shiny horseshoes                           Price 18
14  a leather belt                                  Price 3
15  a hair brush                                    Price 2


Most items in this merchant may be customized with a material, color or both.
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