Strings 'n Things

[Athens, Muthos Meander]
An unusually haphazard collection of sun-baked bricks, stones and wood of all shapes and sizes, masquerading as a shop, nestles within the cover of the pines that stand on the fringes of the path. Wind chimes of all kinds sway from the lowest branches of the trees, their songs intermingling as the breeze wends it way along the road. Sitting outside of the shop is an old man with a display of various items set up in a worn lyre case. You also see Praetorius and an item list.

     Welcome to Strings n' Things!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         5    a vial of linseed oil
      2         8    a vial of metal polish
      3         2    a polishing rag
      4         1    a large cloth
      5         1    a replacement string
      6         1    a replacement skin
      7         3    a plectrum
      8         8    a small bow
      9         5    a small mallet
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