Stuff It Taxidermy

[Stuff It Taxidermy]
Dark, richly polished oak walls are covered with various animal heads that have been carefully mounted to wooden plaques. A few skins and pelts are piled in the corner, awaiting a trip to the local tannery. Sawdust covers the floor, in more than a few places it seems to have soaked up blood dripping off the workbench. You also see a thin taxidermist.

#     Price Item
1.       65 a huge bear head trophy
2.       85 a snarling black wolf head
3.       50 a filthy rat head trophy
4.       55 a stuffed snarling mermel head
5.      100 a regal buck head trophy
6.      100 a ferocious tiger head trophy
7.      100 a large eighteen-point stag head trophy
8.       75 a beady eyed boar head trophy
9.       80 a glaring puma head trophy
10.      55 a torn scowling lynx head
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