Sylvana's Protective Outerwear

[Sylvana's Protective Outerwear]
Smells of worked leather and cured hides permeate the air of this small thatched hut, overwhelming in such a confined space. A short, but stout young woman sits on a wooden bench at the back of the room stitching on a large piece of leather. Small scraps of leather and animal hides litter the floor around her as she continuously adds more with each snip and cut she makes. A well-stitched hide covers the entrance to her living area. You also see Sylvana.

1   a small buckler                                  Price 66 
2   a small crescent-shaped shield                   Price 85  
3   some fitted leather arm guards                   Price 30  
4   some fitted leather leg guards                   Price 35     
5   some animal hide arm guards                      Price 30   
6   some animal hide leg guards                      Price 35     
7   some bronze studded leather bracers              Price 39    
8   some reinforced leather armor                    Price 63      

9   a leather hunting jerkin                         Price 70 
10  some reinforced etched leather gauntlets         Price 56
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