Tallipi's Puppet Shop

[Tallipi's Puppet Shop]
The open ceiling beams of this small shop are skewed at an odd angle that can be attributed partially to poor carpentry work, and partially to optical illusion. Fastened along each irregularly situated wall is a series of equally uneven shelves piled high with a motley assortment of cloth puppets. A long counter piled with scraps of fabric, fur and a ghoulish assortment of painted wooden eyes rests in the center of the room. You also see Tallipi.

1   a cat puppet                                      Price 40        
2   a donkey puppet                                   Price 40        
3   a rooster puppet                                  Price 40        
4   a hen puppet                                      Price 40        
5   a dog puppet                                      Price 40        
6   a mare puppet                                     Price 40        
7   a stallion puppet                                 Price 40        
8   a cow puppet                                      Price 40        
9   a bull puppet                                     Price 40        


All items may be customized with a color and a material.
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