Tarbash's Tasty Treats

Tarbash's Tasty Treats]
Large glass display cases line the back walls to create a small employee-only area sectioned off from the rest of the room in the corner of the store. All manner of chocolates, pastries, candies, and hunks of fudge are on display in each of the glass cases while just behind them you can watch Tarbash create some of the mouth-watering morsels himself. An immensely detailed gingerbread house sits by a large picture window and the rest of the area is littered with racks and bins of candy and chocolate. You also see Tarbash.

1   a fateer                                          Price 7         
2   a honey drenched basboosa                         Price 2         
3   some fluffy gatoux                                Price 5         
4   a konafa                                          Price 7         
5   a gold foiled triangular chocolate                Price 7         
6   a chocolate dipped strawberry                     Price 1         
7   a cluster of Khepri crunch                        Price 5         
8   a handful of Hathor's delight                     Price 8   

9   a gold foiled chocolate ankh                      Price 10        
10  a hollow chocolate sphinx                         Price 15        
11  a slice of buttered om ali                        Price 7

A couple items may be customized with a material.
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