Tashen Samonza

[Tashen Samonza, Above the Waterfall]
The rush of a nearby waterfall overpowers the babble of the river that runs off towards the west, a fine mist rising into the air. Movement in the pines overhead mark the movement of the many birds frolicking amongst the branches. The calls of the birds and forest animals ring throughout the area, sometimes seeming to be more than just calls but some sort of language.

Tashen Samonza is an Amazon village nestled deep in the middle of the Penthesilea Forest south of Thebes. The Amazons rule the tree tops and will throw any trespassers out before they can get to their village, so be sure to raise your hand to signal them as you enter the forest.

As much as they hate intruders, they have somehow let the forest be overrun with Samites with whom they are constantly fighting. Between the Samites and the wild animals along the forest paths, this area can get dangerous fast. Sanctuary may be found in some of the easier to climb trees, and if you feel like it, you can even jump from them to ambush unsuspecting prey below.

The village is hidden, so you will need to do some searching to find the path. It lies somewhere in the Northwest of the forest.


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