Tavern of the Eternal Flame, Bar

[Tavern of the Eternal Flame, Bar]
Mikael, the owner of the tavern, presides over a chaotic scene. Barmaids call out their orders, waiting patiently for him to fill them. His assistant, a young giant, cleans glasses and plates in a tub of water, placing them on shelves behind the bar when clean. The commotion here makes the rest of the tavern seem almost subdued, although it is far from that. You also see the bar's busy front room.

1   a tall glass of cider                             Price 3         
2   a frosted mug of ale                              Price 2         
3   a glass of crisp white wine                       Price 4         
4   a steaming mug of coffee                          Price 2         
5   a hearty roast pork sandwich                      Price 4         
6   a bunch of vine ripened grapes                    Price 4         
7   a crisp garden salad                              Price 3         
8   a tasty fig cookie                                Price 2    

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