Taverna on the Green

[Mt. Pentelikon, Taverna on the Green]
The meadow looks as if a giant had scooped it out of the world when the earth was soft and formless. Although this bowl of grass and wildflowers is lovely, there isn't any spot to hide. A striped awning covers a tavern at one end while several tree stumps, worn from use, provide a place to sit and enjoy some food or drink. You also see Petros, a cafe menu and a cracked slab of marble resting on two tree stumps.

     Welcome to Taverna on the Green!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         8    a shot of ouzo
      2         2    a cup of milk
      3         1    a flask of water
      4         2    a glass of goat's milk
      5         4    a mug of ale
      6         8    a roasted bear steak
      7         5    a bowl of lamb stew
      8         3    a hunk of goat cheese
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