The Bean Counter

[Roman Agora]
The noise of the crowd is so overwhelming that it no longer seems an almagamation of singular voices, all the sounds melding together to produce a dull droning roar that has no meaning behind it unless one were to listen particularly close. The occasional burst of conversation will float to the surface of the cacophany now and again, whether due to tone, pitch, or pure volume is hard to say, but it too is soon washed away by the ocean of white noise. You also see Rowan, a tavern menu, a low door leading into the stoa and a serving counter.

     Welcome to The Bean Counter!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         6    a steaming bowl of black beans
      2         4    a plate of red kidney beans
      3         7    a trencher of Roman navy beans
      4         5    a small dish of butter beans
      5         8    a platter of garbanzo beans
      6         4    a bowl of green lima beans
      7        12    a bowl of mixed heirloom beans
      8         4    a plate of snapped green beans
      9         5    a bowl of thirteen bean soup
     10         9    some bean and rosemary soup
     11         9    a bowl of speckled bean soup
     12         8    a big bowl of vegetable bean soup
     13         7    a bowl of thick ham and bean soup
     14         7    a bowl of spicy four bean chili
     15         4    a wooden bowl of bean sprouts
     16         5    a bowl of tangy three-bean salad
     17         7    a plate of green bean casserole
     18         7    a platter of bean dip and chips
     19         7    some chocolate covered coffee beans
     20         5    a handful of colorful jelly beans
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