The Champourker Chalet

[The Champourker Chalet, Dining Room]
A checkered black and white floor spreads across this roomy dining area up to a bar that edges up to the northern wall behind which a small ordering window looks in on a tiny kitchen. Several stools sprout from the black and white squares before the bar while the rest of the floor is dotted with long tables and benches. A cheery fire burns in a hearth on the eastern wall and bright sconces give the entire restaraunt a homey feel. You also see a bored looking waiter and a small menu.

     Welcome to The Champourker Chalet!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         9    a portobello chopped meat sandwich
      2         9    a onion and cheese beef sandwich
      3        13    a triple-layer chopped meat sandwich
      4         8    a roasted turkey patty sandwich
      5        14    a roasted elk patty sandwich
      6        16    a seared alligator rib sandwich
      7        15    a grilled ostrich breast sandwich
      8        11    a spit-roasted suckling boar sandwich
      9         9    a sourdough bacon beef melt
     10         7    some fancy cut bits of fried potato
     11         8    some chili and cheese fried potatoes
     12         8    a sour cream hashbrown omelette
     13         6    a frosty strawberry malt
     14         6    a smooth peach malt
     15         6    a creamy banana malt
     16         6    a sweet blueberry malt
     17         6    a cinnamon apple malt
     18         6    a chocolate orange fudge malt
     19         6    a honey apple raisin malt
     20         6    a lemon blueberry malt
     21         6    a vanilla caramel fudge malt
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