The Complete Alchemist

[The Complete Alchemist]
Benches, worktables and multitudes of pieces of equipment for the well-provisioned alchemist line the walls or lie on shelves for storage and display. Walls and floor stylings are placed off in a corner, virtually ignored. A faint smell of brimstone fills the air. You also see an apprentice alchemist.

#     Price Item
1.      145 an unmade goose-down bed
2.      285 a soot-smeared stained glass window
3.       55 a brace of plain torches
4.       95 a flask-covered oak table
5.      137 a sturdy pine cot
6.       90 a cluttered pine workbench
7.       80 an engraved bronze oil-lamp
8.       70 a singed wool carpet
9.       68 a rumpled fleece mat
10.     265 a grime-coated glass window
11.     135 a rumpled feather mattress
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