The Crimson Crustacean

[The Crimson Crustacean]
Situated on the edge of the cliffs on the north side of town, this roomy restaurant has taken advantage of its position and opened up the back wall. Nothing but a railing stands between the safety of the dining room and a fall to certain death on the beach, so the management is very strict on keeping violence to a minimum. As a result the restaurant is a peaceful place to have a drink and take in the view of the beach below in clean surroundings with good food and pleasant company. You also see Astakos, a tavern menu and a serving counter.

     Welcome to The Crimson Crustacean!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         7    some golden fried calamari
      2         6    a bread bowl of clam chowder
      3         5    a basket of buttered garlic rolls
      4         8    a braised jumbo shrimp skewer
      5         6    a pita bread lobster wrap
      6         9    a platter of shrimp scampi
      7        10    a trencher of seared sea scallops
      8         8    a serving of creamy crab pasta
      9         8    a plate of creamy garlic shrimp
     10        12    a plate of sesame grilled chicken
     11        14    a grilled swordfish steak
     12         3    a raspberry flavored water
     13         9    a Minoan's Mystery
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