The Dragon's Lair

[The Dragon's Lair]
The establishment manages to pull off the impressive feat of appearing dark even with the multitude of lit candles positioned around the room in polished bronze candelabras. Cherry wood bar stools are lined up in front of a black marble topped counter, an array of multi-colored bottles gathered to one side. Crimson upholstered chairs drawn near to a large stone fireplace provide a comfortable place for quiet discussion. A large painting hangs over the fireplace as if guarding over the entire room. You also see a barmaid and a tavern menu.

     Welcome to The Dragon's Lair!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1       12     a desert onion blossom
      2       10     a heavy lamb and beef meat pie
      3       10     a trencher of roast meat and potatoes
      4        8     a large flame roasted turkey leg
      5       22     the prince's prized poached pheasant
      6       12     a bread bowl of creamy crab chowder
      7        8     a slice of flaky blueberry pie
      8       20     an Athenian deathwish
      9       20     a swill of crimson swords
     10       16     a vial of serpent's breath
     11       18     a piranha bite
     12       22     a chilled assassin's kiss
     13       35     a flask of dragon's flame rum
     14       24     the Prince's Inspiration
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