The Emporer's Soup Kitchen

[Emperor's Soup Kitchen]
A very stern looking man stands behind a counter in the back of the shop ladelling soup to a long line of customers. The line moves in a stately march, each person standing straight at attention and ready to recite their order clearly and concisely. One mistake and you're out on your ear with no soup, but even the richest aristocrat will put up with it for a bowl of this delicious soup. Boxes of crackers and loaves of bread crowd the counter, confusing things for the already nervous customers. You also see a gruff looking chef and a serving counter.

     Welcome to The Emporer's Soup Kitchen!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1        13    a rich bowl of mulligatawny soup
      2        10    a bowl of black bean and ham soup
      3        12    some chicken broccoli soup
      4        10    some thick split pea soup
      5        11    a bowl of rich french onion soup
      6        12    some hearty mushroom barley soup
      7        11    a tangy tomato rice soup
      8        10    a bowl of thick lima bean soup
      9        12    a bowl of cold cucumber soup
     10        11    a bowl of wild mushroom soup
     11        15    a creamy bowl of crab bisque
     12        15    a creamy red clam bisque
     13        13    a cucumber and tomato gazpacho
     14        12    a bowl of ham and chicken jambalaya
     15        11    a hearty bowl of turkey chili
     16        15    a bowl of corn and crab chowder
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