The Flamen's Fiery Foyer

[The Flamen's Fiery Foyer]
Outside each of the doors piercing the walls of this long room, stands one or more examples of the merchandise that can be found beyond that door. None are exorbitantly decorative, but neither are they shabbily constructed — all are very functional and the building is swelteringly hot from their use. At the far end of the room, the shop's proprietor stands on a raised dais watching all who come in with a benevolent smile. You also see the Most Holy High Flamen, an oak door, an olive door, a pine door, a cypress door and a large calligraphic sign.

[The Flamen's Fireplaces]
Faux walls have been erected around the interior of the room, against them displayed a wide variety of fireplaces. You also see a Flamen and an oak door.

#     Price Item
1.      265 a smoke-stained fireplace
2.      290 a white brick fireplace
3.      280 a wood-mantled fireplace
4.      275 a red brick fireplace
5.      270 an oak-mantled fireplace
6.      272 a brown brick fireplace
7.      330 a polished grey marble fireplace
8.      330 a polished black marble fireplace

[The Flamen's Firepits and Braziers]
A plethora of fire-making implements lie in a nearly overwhelming clutter, piled willy-nilly against one another in an over-zealous shopkeeper's attempt at increasing his sales. Fire-pit depressions and the long feet of braziers stand ready to trip the unwary at every step. You also see a Flamen and an olive door.
#     Price Item
1.      265 a brass pedestal brazier
2.      235 a brick-lined firepit
3.      255 a squat bronze brazier
4.      260 a stone-lined firepit
5.      260 a copper brazier
6.      257 a stone-ringed firepit

[The Flamen's Furnaces and Kilns]
Despite the showcase of wares here, this room appears oddly barren. On display are a black slate kiln, a red brick furnace, an off-white clay kiln, a buffed iron furnace, and a red brick kiln. You also see a Flamen and a pine door.
 #     Price Item
1.      282 a buffed iron furnace
2.      265 a black slate kiln
3.      270 a red brick kiln
4.      275 an off-white clay kiln
5.      275 a red brick furnace

[The Flamen's Ovens and Stoves]
An odor of freshly cooked bread hangs in the air, apparently from earlier demonstrations. On display are a heating stove, a clay brick oven, a cooking stove, a double oven and a pot-bellied stove. You also see a Flamen and a cypress door.
#     Price Item
1.      265 a burnished brass stove
2.      275 a blackened pot-bellied stove
3.      260 a dull iron stove
4.      270 a red clay brick oven
5.      290 a polished bronze oven
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