The Font

[Font, Dining Room]
This section of the cafe may be inside, but it's hard to tell from looking. The entire structure has been done with as much glass as possible to bring in the sights of the outdoors. To provide the proper smells and ambience to match the wonderful scenery, several potted plants have been scattered about and there is even a small garden complete with gazebo in the middle of the floor. The trickling of a spring near the back of the room brings it all together with the sounds of nature. You also see a waiter.

     Welcome to The Font!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1        11    a cucumber and cracked wheat salad
      2        12    a bowl of seaweed broth soup
      3        10    a bowl of leek and potato soup
      4        14    a mesquite grilled fennel brochette
      5        14    a mesquite grilled yam brochette
      6        13    a deep fried tahini falafel
      7        13    a deep fried creamy garlic falafel
      8        15    a smooth chickpea pate pita
      9        15    a garlic and lemon eggplant pate
     10        12    a bowl of fresh steamed vegetables
     11        14    a skewer of lemon-herb vegetables
     12        14    a char grilled portobello mushroom
     13        14    a rice and vegetable ratatouille
     14        11    a plate of garlic and oil pasta
     15        17    a fresh baked eggplant parmigiana
     16        15    a plate of three mushroom lasagna
     17        10    an apricot and mulled wine cheesecake
     18        10    a raspberry rhubarb lattice tart
     19         7    a glass of fresh orange juice
     20         7    a glass of fresh carrot juice
     21         7    a glass of fresh apple cider
     22         7    a glass of fresh squeezed lemonade
     23         7    a steaming mug of herbed tea
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