The General Store

[The General Store]
Traders from all over Attica know that this crooked little shop on Apeiros houses an abundance of fabulous goods. Wooden bins and clay bowls brim over with assorted bags and mysterious bundles. In the midst of a fine display of woolen goods is a statuette of Athena holding a spindle in her role as the patron goddess of weaving. You also see Isidoros the shopkeeper.

1   a knapsack                                        Price 10
2   a backpack                                        Price 14
3   a belt pouch                                      Price 3
4   a back sheath                                     Price 30
5   a woven willow basket                             Price 8
6   a pair of wooden clogs                            Price 2
7   some thigh-high suede boots                       Price 8
8   some thigh-high leather boots                     Price 16
9   a pair of sandals                                 Price 3
10  some knee-high leather boots                      Price 6
11  some knee-high suede boots                        Price 6
12  a pair of woven leather pants                     Price 11
13  a braided belt                                    Price 2

1   a leather thigh sheath                            Price 30
2   a large picnic basket                             Price 30
3   a leather haversack                               Price 200

Some items in this merchant may be customized with a material, but not the backroom items.
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