The Heavenly Haberdashery, Show Room

[The Heavenly Haberdashery, Show Room]
Flowing through the wide-open doorway, a warm breeze freshens the air and sets the contents of this small shop into motion. Colorful scarves, hats adorned with feathers and other sorts of colorful head coverings wave in the wind. A young maiden polishes a rack of helms, which glisten in a spot of bright light. Most are plain, but a few sport feathers and simple carvings. Awaiting her attention, a display box filled with simply designed headdresses of various sorts sits on a large counter.

1   a pilos                                          Price 50        
2   a petasos                                        Price 55        
3   a chira                                          Price 50        
4   a tanagra                                        Price 75        
5   a tholia                                         Price 60        
6   a calotte                                        Price 60        
7   a kyne                                           Price 55    


All items may be customized with a color and material.
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