The Known World Delphi Restaurant

[Known World Delphi Restaurant, Dining Room]
A winged harpy hangs suspended from the domed ceiling, hovering over the red glow of a miniature castle spouting fire and brimstone. Another of the strange domes sits against the far wall, this one housing an Egyptian sarcophagus. The huge rear wall of the restaurant boasts an intricate mural that stretches all the way up to the inaccessable second floor balcony. Tables in odd shapes and colors sprout from the floor in a random hodgepodge of mind-numbing objectless indiscrimination. You also see Ricci, a brightly decorated menu and a large arch.

     Welcome to The Known World Delphi Restaurant!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         8    a plate of sweet crunchy chicken
      2         8    some parmesan spinach dip and chips
      3        10    a plate of fried mermel wings
      4         5    a red wine vinegar house salad
      5        10    a smoked turkey club sandwich
      6         9    a onion-topped barbequed pork sandwich
      7        10    an eggplant parmesan sandwich
      8         9    a grilled portobello sandwich
      9        15    a garlic cream meat sauce lasagna
     10        11    some basil and parmesan penne pasta
     11        14    a full rack of hickory smoked ribs
     12        16    a tender herb roasted half of chicken
     13        23    a center-cut Mount Olympus strip
     14         3    a large glass of iced water
     15         5    a large glass of iced tea
     16         5    a glass of sweetened iced tea
     17         7    a mug of dark bock beer
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