The Known World Delphi Restaurant, Gift Shop

[The Known World Delphi Restaurant, Gift Shop]
A great aquarium full of exotic looking fish fills the wall behind the counter of this large gift shop adjacent to the dining room. Racks of clothing and shelves of memorabilia all boasting the Known World theme crowd the room in a flashy display of tourist enticing souvenirs. The domed ceiling sports a nightscape of stars all shining brightly from the deep black of night, the hues steadily brightening to shades of morning as the ceiling traverses the room into morning and the waiting glory of Apollo.

1   a Known World Restaurant roof replica             Price 40        
2   a Known World Restaurant replica                  Price 60        
3   a collectors Known World goblet                   Price 40        
4   an authentic Known World tunic                    Price 15        
5   a Known World logo design skirt                   Price 15        
6   a Known World Restaurant headband                 Price 25        

7   a black leather Known World jacket                Price 400
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