The Lackadaisical Legionairre

[The Lackadaisical Legionairre, Showroom]
Comfortable chairs and sturdy looking tables are spread all along the swept stone floor of this grand showroom. Different colors of woods and fabrics all mingle together into a sea of home improvement bliss that sweeps all the way up to the staircase in the back of the room. Some more serviceable pieces have been scattered among the tables and chairs, including weapon racks, armor stands, and floor coverings of all sorts. You also see Harv and a spiral stair.

#     Price Item
1.      150 a handsome oak armor stand
2.      150 a white tiger skin rug
3.      300 an elk's antler weapon rack
4.      200 a thick grey wolf skin cushion (set of 2)
5.      100 a green and gold tasseled rug
6.      200 a large knotty pine armor stand
7.      125 a soft grey wolf skin rug
8.      175 a padded mahogany chair (set of 2)
9.       75 a decorative blue rug
10.     200 a lace covered oak table
11.     200 an emerald silk cushion (set of 2)
12.     250 a jade inlaid weapon rack
13.     200 an ornately carved armor stand
14.     175 an oak star-carved chair (set of 2)
15.     150 a large round mahogany table
16.     400 a gold inlaid white table
17.     200 an ivory painted weapon rack
18.     150 a prayer symbol carved maple table

[The Lackadaisical Legionairre, Second Floor Showroom]
This showroom has been well stocked with furniture for the bedroom. Beds, armoires and wardrobes, chests and dressers, anything and everything one might need to make themselves at home. A few more floor samples and area rugs are also strewn among the furnishings as well as a row of closet doors leaning up against the rear wall. A balcony with a sturdy oak railing looks over the floor below, giving one a bird's eye view of the milling shoppers perusing the floor samples. You also see Harvinia and a spiral stair.
#     Price Item
1.      150 a light cedar plank chest
2.      500 a scarlet silk canopied bed
3.      400 a slender pink satin curtained bed
4.      300 a pile of blue brocade pillows
5.      250 a pile of warm animal furs
6.      400 a pile of emerald silk pillows
7.      250 a rose carved mahogany bed
8.      400 a gold inlaid white oak chest
9.      200 a rose carved mahogany dresser
10.     150 a dark oak supply trunk
11.     400 a checkered marble tiled floor
12.     400 some luxurious forest green carpet
13.     150 a white desert sand floor
14.     250 a light oak plank floor
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