The Library Of Grigoros

The Writings of Grigoros

Hidden in Grigoros' temple are two libraries. While the way to get to these libraries will not be said here, the writings the library contains will be.

[Temple of Grigoros, Library]
The oily stench of tallow candles spreads from black iron sconces set high on the walls. Shelves and low tables sagging under a burden of scrolls and leatherbound tomes bathe in the ebb and flow of shadows from the flickering candlelight.

On top of the shelves you see a crumbling papyrus scroll, a piece of grey parchment, a piece of faded blue paper and a tattered scroll.

On top of the low table you see a piece of dusty yellow parchment, an old black scroll, a torn piece of paper, a faded red scroll and a tattered piece of parchment.

[Temple of Grigoros, Library]
Dim light trickles over disheveled stacks of crumbling parchment strewn across several narrow tables. A number of short oak chairs offer seating for those intent to study the delicate texts.

On top of the scratched table you see a piece of black paper, a torn blue scroll, a piece of dark parchment*, a piece of tattered parchment and a worn brown scroll.

On top of the oak table you see an aging pale parchment, a crumbling orange scroll, an old black scroll and a piece of yellowing paper.

The dark parchment is a litany of praises to Grigoros, causing the person reading it to momentarily black out and chant one of them.

The Categories

The Libraries seem devoted to certain subjects. The scrolls can be most easily categorized as follows:

The Histories

The Histories Compiled in what is estimated to be chronological order.

Commands and Warnings

Quotations from the First


The Rite of Morning

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