The Many Faces

[The Many Faces]
Many masks fashioned from a myriad of materials in a multitude of colors hang from every corner of the small shop. Long swathes of fabric drape elegantly between the masks, pinned to the wall with feathery decorations. Mitexi, the shop's proprietor, stands quietly in one corner of the room, her features hidden behind a silvery silk mask.
Obvious exits: out.

1   a mask                                            Price 50        
2   a sharp-toothed harpy mask                        Price 55        
3   a leering hydra mask                              Price 55        
4   a greenish zombie mask                            Price 55        
5   a long-beaked vulture mask                        Price 55        
6   a grinning skeleton mask                          Price 55        
7   a snarling medusa mask                            Price 55        
8   a white-fanged bacchae mask                       Price 55        


The plain mask may be customized with a color and material.
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