The Ouzo A Go Go Bar

[Ouzo A Go-Go, Bar]
The second floor of The Ouzo is a bit more well lit than the dance floor below, but not by much. A large bar sits along the mirrored northern wall and two stairways spiral from the sides of the room to the alcove and exit below. The music is, obviously, not as loud up here, but you can still hear most of it even if you can't quite make out the words. Tables and chairs are scattered around the room and there are stools for those who wish to sit at the bar. You also see Anise, a spiraling stairway and a bar list.

     Welcome to The Ouzo A Go-Go Bar!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1        10    a burning Python bite
      2        18    a flaming Apollo
      3         6    a pink mermel
      4        10    a red-headed amazon
      5        12    a brandy grape Alexander
      6         8    a wailing banshee
      7        10    Hera's hot buttered cow
      8        10    a Xerxes cocktail
      9        10    a green Poseidon
     10         8    a strawbeery dropper
     11         9    a pirate cocktail
     12         8    a Pan gargle blaster
     13        17    the nine layers of the underworld
     14        14    a Charon's ferry
     15        15    a mighty mighty Aphrodite
     16        10    an Adonis cocktail
     17        10    a shot of ouzo
     18        15    a shot of mermel sweat
     19        10    a bright green honey apple
     20        12    an asp kicker
     21        13    a bloody Caesar
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