The Primping Place

[The Primping Place]
Glittering mirrors hung on every wall give the illusion of expansive space in this brightly lit shop. But the actual size of the room is just big enough to hold a small collection of cunningly crafted vanity tables. You also see Dulcinaera.

#     Price Item
1.      175 an oak-framed oval mirror
2.      220 a gold-trimmed vanity mirror
3.       92 a delicate white vanity table
4.      155 a carved olive wood mirror
5.       81 a bleached pine vanity table
6.      145 a small white-framed mirror
7.       93 a claw-footed oak vanity table
8.      178 a long cherry wood mirror
9.      195 an ornate brass mirror
10.      89 an ornate maple vanity table
11.     143 a polished bronze mirror
12.      80 a buffed pine vanity table
13.      95 an antique mahogany vanity table
14.      98 an elegant brass vanity table
15.      94 a honey-colored oak vanity table
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