The Secluded Oasis

[The Secluded Oasis]
Tall vessels, filled to the brim with barley, vegetables, or dried meat take up most of the room. Baskets small and large, hang from the ceiling, ready to be filled with delectable food for the perfect picnic.

1   a small wicker basket                             Price 3         
2   a handful of olives                               Price 2         
3   a slab of cheese                                  Price 2         
4   a loaf of dark bread                              Price 3         
5   some baked chicken                                Price 10        
6   some braised hyena ribs                           Price 10        
7   a dish of dates                                   Price 3         
8   some succulent figs                               Price 3         
9   a large sliced watermelon                         Price 10        
10  a flask of water                                  Price 1         
11  a flagon of wine                                  Price 10        
12  a cold cup of milk                                Price 2       

13  a large wicker basket                             Price 5         
14  a soft blanket                                    Price 20
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