The Stags of Artemis Coffee House

[The Stags of Artemis Coffee House]
The rich aroma of coffee is the first thing that strikes people upon entering this bright shop. The second thing that strikes them is the prices! Mostly frequented by the upper crust, or the young who wish to appear "with it", The Stags of Artemis is THE place to go for brewed beverages in Delphi. This coffee house has grown so popular, in fact, that the priests of Apollo are boycotting it on the grounds of false idol worship and can be heard preaching about sinners outside occasionaly. You also see a young woman, a display counter stuffed with baked goods and a coffee menu.

     Welcome to The Stags of Artemis Coffee House!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1        12    a blended caramel iced coffee
      2        12    a blended brownie iced coffee
      3        12    a blended mocha iced coffee
      4        12    a blended raspberry iced coffee
      5        12    a blended vanilla iced coffee
      6        12    a blended crushed iced coffee
      7        12    a blended mocha coconut iced coffee
      8        12    an iced white chocolate mocha
      9        15    a buttery toffee nut latte
     10        15    a steaming caffe latte
     11        15    a vanilla latte
     12        12    a glass of iced espresso
     13        12    a vanilla and caramel iced espresso
     14        15    a foamed milk espresso
     15        15    a whipped cream espresso
     16        15    a smooth roast espresso
     17        10    an herb-infused cup of black tea
     18        12    a glass of black iced tea
     19        12    a steaming mug of citrus tea
     20        10    a slightly sweet mug of chai
     21        10    a tumbler of fresh steamed milk
     22        10    a frothing mug of hot chocolate
     23        10    some steaming caramel apple cider
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