The Umber Thraex

[The Umber Thraex, Dining Room]
Quite an ordinary looking restaraunt save for the walls which have been decorated with images of famous playwrites and actors. The rest of the place actually looks a bit dingy, but the food is what keeps the people of import coming and the prices are what keep the riff-raff out. The helmet theme has been kept throughout and even works its way into the food at times. The pats of butter are helmet shaped, the sundaes come complete with chocolate helms — even the bowls have been made from actual helms. You also see a waitress, a receptionist desk and an old tattered menu.

     Welcome to The Umber Thraex!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1        20    some portabella mushroom raviolo
      2        27    a Crete salad for two
      3        23    a potato crusted lump crabcake
      4        18    some corn and sweet potato chowder
      5        16    a prosciutto ham Caesar salad
      6        16    some fresh herb baked onion soup
      7        38    a spiced pan roasted pork tenderloin
      8        37    a sesame seared yellowfin tuna
      9        48    a mustard crusted rack of lamb
     10        29    a coconut oriental noodle bowl
     11        38    a balsamic pan-fired grouper
     12        45    an aioli grilled filet mignon
     13        34    a maple whiskey glazed half chicken
     14        39    an applewood smoked Aegean salmon
     15        12    a zesty citrus grapefruit cake
     16        16    a chocolate raspberry mousse
     17        14    a caramel dark chocolate torte
     18        13    a double vanilla creme brulee
     19        12    a warm green apple pecan crisp
     20        18    some white chocolate mint cheesecake
     21        10    a glass of refreshing water
     22        12    a glass of lemon iced tea
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