The White Orchid

[Roman Agora]
As the great city of Delphi looms closer, the shops along the marketplace route seem to puff themselves up with pride. The signs are more elaborate, the displays more numerous and colorful, the aisles between stalls more open and wide, and the merchandise is simply bar none among the rest sold in the agora. Even the carts selling food have set up small dining areas for people to enjoy their meals sidewalk cafe style. You also see Kylotoraios, a tall oak and teak rack of maps with some stuff on it, a tavern menu and a serving counter.

     Welcome to The White Orchid!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         8    a crab-stuffed crown of artichoke
      2         6    a chicken and vegetable potsticker
      3         5    a curry chicken herb crostini
      4         5    an oiled garlic bruschetta
      5         8    a macadamia encrusted chicken finger
      6         8    a roast ostrich finger sandwich
      7         8    some sun-dried tomato topped brie
      8         5    a cream cheese piped celery heart
      9         5    a stuffed mushroom cap
     10         7    some salami and olive coronettes
     11         8    some death by chocolate cake
     12         8    a small plate of spanikopita
     13         4    a frosted glass of pure water
     14         9    Lord Seltzer's fizzy apple cider
     15         7    a chilled mug of bock beer
     16         9    a flute of sparkling peach champagne
     17        10    a pomegranate daiquiri
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