Theo's Weaponry

[Theo's Weaponry]
Weapons are exhibited on the wall and in shelves behind the counter. Some of the display-weapons are a bit cracked or warped, though this doesn't reflect upon the wares for sale. An older, but quite muscular, woman stands ready to assist behind the sturdy counter.

1   a marlinspike                                    Price 12
2   a knife                                          Price 17
3   a brass dart                                     Price 5
4   a sap                                            Price 5
5   a club                                           Price 7
6   a broadsword                                     Price 45
7   a kopis                                          Price 52
8   a mace                                           Price 38
9   a morning star                                   Price 42
10  a mariner's handaxe                              Price 37
11  a war hammer                                     Price 62
12  a trident                                        Price 45
13  an iron dagger                                   Price 1440
14  an iron trident                                  Price 3600


The club may be customized with a material.
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