Thera made up of three islands southeast of Greece where it is supposed the city of Atlantis sat until a large earthquake sent it sinking to the ocean floor. It is home to one of the most significant volcanos in history, and the explosion of said volcano is thought to be the reason the Minoan civilization fell, hence the Atalantean stories. That particular eruption is written to have influenced the weather as far as China, and the Egyptians in particular took note of it. Thera, known in the modern day as Santorini, still has countless of mysteries to be unearthed and at one point it was known for having the best undead hunters that Greece could boast. This was, of course, because it also had the biggest problems with undead that Greece could boast too.

The Vrykolakas hail from Thera and the sunken part of the isle also houses an transportation hub for Premium members.

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