Three Sheets to the Wind Tavern

[Three Sheets to the Wind Tavern]
A long, wooden counter takes up most of the space against one wall, shelves behind it filled with a variety of bottles. Flickering candles and time have made the low ceiling dark and sooty, but the tiny flames cast a warm, amber light throughout the rest of the room. Round tables, surrounded by sturdy chairs, fill much of the floor. You also see the tavern keeper and a menu.

     Welcome to Three Sheets to the Wind Tavern!

     ##    Dinars    Item
      1         5    a mug of pale ale
      2         5    a pint of schooner stout
      3         5    a glass of red wine
      4         6    a glass of fine retsina
      5        11    a flask of grog
      6        10    a goblet of Zephyr Special
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